Georgia Catrina Rusu


Born in Romania in a family of agrarian farmers; she had the privilege of living and enjoying the impressing beauty of the countryside scenery with its complex and vey generous landscapes. This way, the encountered various colors and structures allowed Georgia to manifest since her childhood a will for artistic expression. All of this determined in her soul a specific passion for the arts and artistic education.
She undertook studies of at the High-school for the Arts in the Romanian city of Ramnicul Valcea, where she began to study hand drawing and sketching, techniques in both painting and clay modeling as well as art history.
Georgia continued her studies in painting at the Academy of Art in Bucharest Romania. She graduated from this institution with a Degree in Fine Arts, Art Conservation and Restoration and Art Teaching.
After graduation, Georgia enriched her artistic activity in several European countries such as (Austria; Germany; Italy; Bulgaria, France and Romania) where she took part at many “ Art Camp and Group Exhibitions”.
Throughout this entire international experience gathering process, she was awarded three international awards.
Georgia manifested a remarkable passion for mural arts, undertaking the creation of three very large public works, executed in the techniques of “all fresco, and mosaic”. She also took part in the restoration of several medieval frescoes.
Since 1989, Georgia moved along with her family to the United States and she settled in New York City. Aldo for a time period, she lived the sentiment of separation from her roots from the European culture and from her ancestral lands, Georgia managed in a short period of time to rebuild her creative energy and continued her artistic activity.
A member of many Artistic Associations in both the United States and Romania, Georgia remarked herself as having a powerful personality a strong passion for adaptation in this new spiritual/cultural and artistic American space.
Her artistic education, her cultural roots and her direct contact with new cultural values allowed Georgia to diversify and enrich her means of artistic expression.
Today, her artwork has a characteristic vigorous chromaticity, which sometimes has a bright character and other times dramatic. Abstract and figurative elements participate all together to the final experience of her paintings.
In the New York City galleries Georgia’s paintings where displayed and admired in seven group exhibits and two personal exhibitions.

Education: M.F.A. Academy of Art, Bucharest, Romania
Degree in :
• Fine Arts
• Conservation & Restoration
• Art Teaching
Member: Professional Artists Association
• L.I.C. New York
• Romania
Exhibitions in the United States :
• 2004 Open Studio New York
• 2004 Federal Building in Jamaica – Solo Exhibition
• 2004 Theater in the Park Exhibition, Queens NY.
• 2003 Open Studio, New York.
• 2002 International Art Expo, New York.
• 2001 Athena Arts Festival Astoria, New York.
Group Exhibitions Europe:
• 1997 International Camp, Vienna , Austria
• 1995 Biennial of Women Artists, Bonn, Germany.
• 1994 International Exhibit of Original Landscapes, Sinai De Gui, Rome , Italy
• 1994 International Camp, Sighishoara, Transivania, Romania.
• 1992 International Camp, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
• 1991 International Camp, Les Sours College, Le Mans, France.
Awards & Grants:
• 1998 1st Prize - International Exhibit, Romania
• 1994 3rd Prize - International Exhibit of Original Landscapes, Sinai De Gui, Rome, Italy
• 1992 3rd Prize – International Camp Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Museum & Public Collections:
• Les Sours College, Le Mans, France – Mural Painting.
• Museum of Modern Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
• The Modern Art Museum, Aiud, Galati, Craiova, Romania
Mural Art :
• Nicolae Iorga Historical Institute, Bucharest Romania
• Museum of Art, “ Adamclisi”, Romania
• City Hall, Turnu Severin, Romania
Restoration & Conservation :
• Madonna Church, Bucharest, Romania
• Theodor Aman Museum, Bucharest, Romania.
• Museum of History, Constanta, Romania
Education Activity :
• 1980-1998 High-School Art teacher Romania, Craiova
• Student Campus, Vienna
• 1993 1st degree in education Bucharest Romania.
• Les Sours College, Le Mans, France – Student Project in Mural Painting
• 1990 – 1998 Partnership activities with the framework of the “Cornelius and Socrates” European programs to which our school had joined.
• 1987 The 2nd Degree in Education, Bucharest,Romania.